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Intro to our animation peers

Dear Animator! I hope you are well started on animating your awesome rig from Manoanim! If not then hurry over to your desk and get going – or please visit our shop to pick up one of our rigs! If you do not feel like sitting in front of the screen right now then lean back in a nice chair and start sketching your blocking – because just as in life it is all about creating the optimal canvas for your showreel, career or current job – ALSO when it comes to animation!

Our Mission

The internet provides a handful of good online rigging suppliers but to this day it is still tough to find that right character with the great appeal and a rig that can give you that freedom you need to make exactly the animation you envisioned without feeling limitations. Manoanim focus on solving this problem. We are an online service that excels in creature rigs. We provide our beasts to animators who wishes to increase the quality of their showreel by focusing on character appeal and intuition.

Our believe is that a creature with a good silhouette can beat the most complex rigs you can find out on the web. We make sure that strong appealing poses are made possible and implemented in an intuitive, easy to use rig on every character.

We work our hardest every day to help justify your animations by making our rigs look extremely simple on the outside with great complexity under the hood. You can focus on getting the movements and timing right while we take care of the technicalities.

Thank you for reading,

I wish you a wonderful day

Kasper Larsson

CEO at Manoanim

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