Do you want a good start on your new production?

Is your company starting to develop characters for a new film or advertisement? Do you need consulting on character appeal or just simple guidance for your models, rigs or designs? Are you finding yourself in need of overall supervision for a project to avoid possible problems down the production pipeline? Because if you do Manoanim will be happy to help you out.


Our team holds a range skills.

We have experience in animation, character designing, modelling and rigging, for both previs, production and finalising variating from tiny spare time projects to feature film productions. If your hurdles consists of a few questions about general workflow, minor modelling issues or discussions about general healthy character pipeline then feel free to drop us a mail and we will be happy to assist free of charge. Should your problem be bigger and you need feedback through topology, edgeflow, appeal, character paint-overs, rigging supervision on several characters then let us know so we can work out an offer for you.


*Do of course rest assure we will charge you nothing until an agreement has been made between us and you, until then feel very welcome to contact us for free.

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