Schools are often stuck with bad free rigs from online forums or badly designed characters with very little appeal. There are two grounding problems about this. First one is that when a free rig breaks no one will take responsibility to repair it, why would they? You got it for free and chances are they have moved on to bigger tasks since releasing it, resulting in a half done animation no one can use or continue. Second problem. Free animation rigs are most of the time free for a reason. Making a character with appeal is possible one of the hardest tasks on the artistic side of making animated movies as soon as you realise your character looked good in those 2 poses you saw it in, in the renders, but everything else breaks, you know it will be a pain and a time consuming drag to get through the rest of the animation.


Our 3 step solution

Need to have vs nice to have.

First of we put a high price tag on deformation and articulation. It is our absolute believe that a good deformation on an IKFK rig is infinite better to have before squash and stretch is implemented anywhere. Our key goal is always getting the foundation of the rig in place before any of extreme pose controls are introduced.


We rely on feedback

All rigs breaks at one point. Its an almost certain statement. Senior animators usually find a way to work around minor problems but as we strive to deliver rigs to animators at all levels we excel in developing solutions to the vital feedback from our customers. Our clients are at any time encouraged to sent us a screenshot or maya file where an extreme pose is not holding up. We will look into such matters immediately, with encouragement and interest - this is the kind of service we put pride in and the treatment a paying customer should expect from any rigging provider.


You are future insured with our characters

At Manoanim we work on improving our rigs instead of mass producing them. You will be receiving updates of rigs from time to time if you have already bought a rig at Manoanim. If a completely different customer from around the planet requests a specific controller and we see the logic in implementing it globally on the rig, we update and sent a download link to everyone else on that character rigs purchase list. That way you and everyone else with that particular rig will be helping making it the best rig possible.

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