Facial and Biped Rigging Course 101 Autodesk Maya Manoanim


This course covers everything you need to know about getting a full character up and running. It covers the basics of body and face rigging. It is not as detailed as the Biped Rigging Course for the body but is on the other hand covering both face and body where the biped course is only focused on the body.The Essential Series is completely beginner level while with this course you need to know just a little bit of maya before beginning. But challenge yourself. After you are done with this course you will be able to make your own characters fully.

6 hours 12 minutes of FACE RIGGING Lectures. .
5 hours 33 minutes of BODY RIGGING Lectures. .  


Requirements To Enter

Skills Required

  • No prior experience with Rigging. This introduction targets the very beginner of Maya. 
  • 1 year of school experience. 

Software Required 

(An absolute beginner can take this course to hit the ground running) 


No Questions?


What Will Be Provided

This course first and foremost provides the video training introducing you to proper rigging practices. All files worked on during the course videos are provided for your reference. If you have any request or questions you can easily hit the contact button and ask for anything. All files are also equal to the video number so you quick and easy can find which file you are looking for. 

What If I Want To Use My Own Character? 


As in all courses you are most welcome to use your own character at any time. It is actually recommended. There is plenty to learn for the person who wishes to improve their skills drastically. 


Kasper Larsson In Short Words

I have worked in the film industry and as Computer Graphics instructor not only in the industry but also on how to communicate with someone who has no experience. I will be able to put myself in your place and understand your struggles because I have seen it before. There is not a problem we cannot. 

Some Of The Titles I Have Wrapped
  • Star Wars - Episode 8
  • Avengers 2 - Age Of Ultron
  • Warcraft - The Beginning
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy
  • Amazing Spider Man 2

On top I have worked in Virtual Reality, Commercials and on-set as a pre-visualisation asset builder, in both Pinewood and Leavesden Studios.

Pricing & Enrolment Options

It would have been perfect to divide this course in to two parts but the character is put together as a whole since it was used in front of a live audience. Hopefully this will not scare you away but encourage you to build a full character. Should you only need to build a face rig it would be quite easy to figure out how to implement the facerig alone. The course will for now not be available as two seperate. 

This course was used to teach a live class The Animation Workshop.