This Is Provided

You receive all work files the whole way though. Just as there are 80 videos there are 80 work scenes and a finalised rig in the bundle. That way you can have a look at the wip files for your reference or see the final result to motivate you to continue when you are working the hard hours! This course is not for the lazy if you want to learn you got to work there is not secret in that and I am not going to pack anything in, even though this course is an introduction you need to put your back in to it. 

What If I Want To Use My Own Character? 

I encourage you to do so! If you have friends who have models lying around they do not need or if you see someone on the internet who is doing models you like then try and write to them and say you are interested in rigging. Most of the time people happily give away their models because they love to see them come to life! That is the joy of rigging!