20 Essentials For Rigging Vol 4


In this course we continue to develop our character. We explore ribbon rigging and what it means to use follicles - hair system to enhance our rig with even more movement. Then we build lips for our character to give him the possibility to speak. Also we talk about direct-, corrective- and live-blendshapes. After this we do stretchy spine and stretchy legs. Its a exciting process because you get to see major parts of what it means to begin an advanced rig. After seeing this course you will be able to make a outstanding rig that is simple to use for anyone. You can download the rig for free if you want to see what you will be learning.


Requirements To Enter

Skills Required

  • No prior experience with Rigging. This introduction targets the very beginner of Maya.
  • While you can do this volume on its own its highly recommended to do the previous two first.  

Software Required 

(An absolute beginner can take this course to hit the ground running) 


No Questions?


This Is Provided

As usual you get all work files so you can refer to them as you get along rigging the character. It is all provided plus full HD videos taking you through every step of the way. The videos are kept as short as possible to give you the chance to reflect after each lecture. Its important that you take notes as you go along - rigging is not learned in one day so buckle up and get ready to learn a lot. 

What If I Want To Use My Own Character? 

I encourage you to do so! If you have friends who have models lying around they do not need or if you see someone on the internet who is doing models you like then try and write to them and say you are interested in rigging. Most of the time people happily give away their models because they love to see them come to life! That is the joy of rigging! 



Kasper Larsson In Short Words

I have worked in the film industry and as Computer Graphics instructor and have there fore experience not only in the industry but also on how to communicate that to someone who has not. I will be able to put myself in your place and understand your struggles because I have seen it before. There is not a problem we cannot solve together. 

Some Of The Titles I Have Wrapped
  • Star Wars - Episode 8
  • Avengers 2 - Age Of Ultron
  • Warcraft - The Beginning
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy
  • Amazing Spider Man 2

On top I have worked in Virtual Reality, Commercials and on-set as a pre-visualisation asset builder, in both Pinewood and Leavesden Studios.

Pricing & Enrolment Options

You should start at Essentials 1. Even though the character is being developed as the course go along we build on top of the character from the very beginning. The reason the character is simple in the beginning is because the focus is on rigging not deformation. Sometimes we get stuck in details if we are dealing with a pretty character and to get into the right mindset we start with something simple. 

20 Essentials Vol 4 Outline

20 Awesome Videos averaging 12 minutes.

Continue your juurney in rigging today! Seriously just get to it - no more procrastination. You will have a hard time finding so much concentrated knowledge in one place anywhere on the internet. If you really are interested in moving your skills forward build up a foundation that does not break. 

1. Spine Stretch

Setting up a spine stretch is a relatively simple math function including a few nodes inside maya. We easy in to the 61st Essential with this lecture. Together we explore the multiply / Divide Nodes.

2. Cluster Deformation

It is on time that we explore some of Maya's other deformation methods in this video we talk about a deformer called Clusters. Simple and probably one of the most used deformation systems to use in maya besides the blendshape and the skinCluster. .

3. Live Blendshapes

Most people know how to insert a blendshape but having live blendshapes is a new way of thinking that will enhance your rigs by landslides. Its simple but very underestimated.

4. Corrective Blendshapes

When your skin Cluster will no longer be enough to cover your deformation needs we often times as riggers turn to other solutions. Sometimes we try to fix it with joints but in most cases the safest bet is using corrective blendShapes. This workflow has been greatly improved in later maya versions.

5. Introducing New Nodes: Remap Value

As we improve our rig it is important to understand and introduce new nodes in the Node Editor. If you are looking to improve your skills you need to know the most common nodes in maya where one of them is the Remap Value. Taking one value and limiting it to something else.

6. Direct Blendshapes

We talk about the new blendshape system in Maya - called Shape Editor. The layout of the UI and the overall thought process to keep in mind when you are working with this new powerful tool.


7. Ribbons

Its been a long time coming to enter the world of Ribbon Rigging. This is one of the most techniques specially but not only for cartoony rigs.

8-10. Bendy Arms

Bendy Limbs. In this three step guide to setting up ribbon/bendy arms we start with the theory we gained from lecture 7. First we build the mechanics, and then continue to our control setup - understanding the needed deformation and lastly we integrate to our rig.

11. Stretchy Legs

Every time you see people trying to make stretchy legs they either forget to put a limiter on or get the math wrong. In this lecture you get a solid understanding on how to correctly make a stretchy limb.


12. Upgrade IK Spine

We have an IK spine but why is our animators not using it yet? We simply need an extra joint to really make our IK spine useful for our animators. Its normally needed for animators to have a 1 to 1 movement when using the spine. This is why we have to make a small upgrade.

13. Auto Pole Vectors

Ever heard your animators complain about moving pole vectors just because they were doing simple animation. No longer your animators problem. After this lecture your pole Vectors will be moving on their own!

14-18. Lip Rigging

We already started a few facial features but stayed away from the lips for a little while because we needed to understand ribbons first. Now that we have them under control its time to use them for our face rig too. In this lecture we do the setup to get a nice fluent feel to our lips, insted of the simple one joint setup most poeple use!

Close up of face for 20 Essentials Vol 4
19. Mouth Corners and Skin Cleanup

Lets start clean up some skinning and make sure our mouth corners works for our character. We do not make any facial corrections in this essential volume but we do learn a lot about proper skin deformation.

20. Wrap up and Clean up.

In this lecture we do some final tweaks here and there. As in all essential rigging courses we wrap it all up with cleaning out the dirt in our rig. Checking control sizes, naming, and locking down channels.



This course was expanded from a Master Class of Animators at The Animation Workshop.