Scrum For Game Development

This is Practical

...with most Scrum Classes the approach is to teach scrum theoretically and not practically. In many cases, this is because the ones who are teaching Scrum do not actually know how to implement the workflow when it comes to actual use cases.

  • we mimic an actual sprint with tasks, planning, dailies, reviews, and retrospective. Unlike normal scrum courses that remain theoretical, this class teaches scrum methodology with a practical approach to actual Game Development.

  • Everyone is teaching how to make the actual elements in a game. "Learn how to make a first-person shooter game", "Make a simple Game Today", but no one ever talks about how studios manage to actually take a game from start to finish in collaborations.

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Create Games Successfully with Scrum

  • Learn about the entire Scrum model with associated tools. We will go through all tools one by one required to build a sustainable project together. The less prior experience you have the more you need to apply yourself. With a good work ethic, you will be just fine without experience.

  • Customized products, minimized costs, and reduced development time. Making complex projects in complex environments it what scrum handles the best. The simple truth is if you are building a very simple project you may just need a reqular backlog of items that you and your team empty out. But if are you are planning on making sophisticated developments scrum will massively improve your production.

  • In this class, you will together with the teacher assume the role of a project responsible who drives a scrum and agile game development. You will learn how to break down problems, learn when to divide tasks and when not to. When to interferer your experts and when just to let them work.


Is this course for you?

While most Scrum courses are adapted to IT development, this course is aimed at the person who wants to know how scrum is introduced in a game development environment. The course is for both private and public managers, specialists, developers, and key employees, who want to work with Scrum and (2) want to support an agile way of working, all visualized on your Scrum boards.

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Master Class Teacher

Kasper Larsson
Producer at Flashbulb Games

Game Producer | Scrum Master | eMBA Student

Bachelor in Computer Graphics from The Animation Workshop, MBA Student at Associates of Visionary Thinkers, Producer, Scrum Master, and the production responsible at Flashbulb Games in Copenhagen.

As an artist, I wrapped up some of the titles below 
  • Star Wars - Episode 8
  • Avengers 2 - Age Of Ultron
  • Warcraft - The Beginning
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy
  • Amazing Spider Man 2

I have worked in Virtual Reality, Commercials, and on-set as a pre-visualization asset builder, in both Pinewood and Leavesden Studios. As a life-long gamer I fell in love with the gaming industry quite early in my career and have worked with games and creative industries for the better part of 10+ years. 

Pricing & Enrolment Options

You watch the course on your own pace and while you are welcome to write to me, I do not promise direct help. The lectures are there and have been used to teach students at both The Animation Workshop in denmark and at Manoanim.  That being said if you write I do strive to try and answer as many of you as possible.

The entire course is online and can be streamed at your own pace once you are inside.

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Course Outline

When you have paid access to the Master Class There are currently a total of 7 hours spread across 35 videos. When you are done with the course you will have the ground pillars in place to start your own productions with confidence. Depending on your skill and experience level you may want to watch the course multiple times. You gain lifetime access of course once you have entered the class.

  • Introduction About The Author. Background and career.
  • Scrum introduction. Overall understanding and terminology alignment
  • Introduction to production tools. Favro, google calendar, and others.
  • An actual use case with a practical example, deep dive into the structure.
  • Wrap up and meetings.

Skills and Certification of Completion

Upon completion of the course, you are invited to share your final board. If your work is sufficiently displaying a solid understanding of Scrum for Game Development I will issue a Completion Certificate in a PDF format with my signature. This is a manual process that is an option you can choose to add for an additional payment, but only if you wish.

Skills Required

  • This course demands no prior skills.
  • No Software skill requirements we will go through each element together.
  • No prior game industry experience is required either. 

I only gave the Producer Essentials course 4 stars. The sound could be recorded better but the content is absolutely spot on and delivered without a filter which is so rare to find these days.

“Only” Four Stars, But.. Fred, Daily Manager, Copenhagen

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Thanks man, this was was exactly what I needed

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I build my career based on these courses. I found it weird to learn from so many different angles but they all kind of line up.

I buid my career on this. Frederik, Denmark, Production

I cannot believe I waited this long before understanding financials. It’s crazy ignorant to think I could have figured this out on my own. 

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The most relevant course I have bought as a freelancer for years. 

Do yourself a favor and buy this course. Jamie, Production Manager

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I’m on board! This was the best resource on rigging. The site could use an update but the lectures are absolutely amazing!

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