Can we use current Manoanim rigs for production?

Legally all characters are as you will be able to read in our Terms And Conditions not floating licenses. If you wish to make a production using Manoanim rigs you should contact us so we can set up a solution for a commercial or production license. We will of course see to that you get the best offer possible so please be specific with your intentions. We need new maya characters rigs for production

Do you need us to build your characters?

We are here to help. We deliver high standard and intuitive rigs for productions. Our biped and quadruped rig's overall functionality is scripted resulting with giving us the ability to ensure you get the same character rigs every time. This is of course great for character pickers, transferring animation and making the animators job easier. We deal with deliveries such as biped, quadruped, sets and prop rigs, all challenges welcome.

Do you do scripting as well?

If the client requests and upon buying rigs from we can deliver characterpickers that fits our own characters, we do not write pickers or tools that do not fit our own products. We also build customized animation tools, pipeline tools and so on. We are still considering making our scripted library available to our clients but have yet to conclude if this will be possible - as for now they are not. However making an introduction video on proper scripted pipeline is in the making and will most likely be available sometime next year.

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