Orc Facial Rig

Creature Rig

One of the first Manoanim Rigs available. Has made over 800 downloads www.manoanim.com.


The character Specifics:

Besides the appealing shapes
Fully supported squash and stretch
Open scale on tongue, eyes, teeth
Shoulders and shoulder pad can be animated for more performance

Payment Options

"...Loved the shapes I got in this one!"

About Manoanim’s Orc Facial Rig

Easy to use character rig with tons of beautiful shapes waiting to be animated. The key for this rig was speed and appeal. Its a flexible rig that can satisfy your animation needs to a very fair price. Please make sure to check out the product video tab futher down here and take a look at the rig presentations done by the awesome test animators.

The speed of this rig should make sure you are unhindered through out your whole animation.

The orc facial rig is finally here. It is an intuitive, easy to use rig with tons of beautiful shapes waiting to be animated. This rig can make your application shine extra bright if you are looking to land that exciting animation role. It is your chance to make a great solid dialog with something a little more exciting then a regular human character.

[kad_vimeo url="https://vimeo.com/134485789"]

[kad_vimeo url="https://vimeo.com/133823454"]