Monster Creature Rig

Creature Monster Rig

Creature Monster Rig, modelled by Flipped Normals rigged by Manoanim! Its a simple rig, and if you have an interest in rigging you can learn to rig one just like it right here!

The character Specifics:
Squash and Stretch body
Auto Leg bend
Simple face rig

Global scale to fit any scene size
Maya 2015 and up tested.


Payment Options

"...Got the free rig and decided to get the essentials to rigging afterwards, best money ever spent" 

About Manoanim’s Monster Rig

The rig it self was a part of a rigging class as mentioned above. I did it to share some knowledge and to show people not to be afraid of rigging. Many people overcomplicate the subject even before they have tried it out. If you find either the rig or the lectures interesting you might want to check out some of the Premium Content. It will take you to through the essentials of rigging in no time for a very fair price. 

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