Are you a freelancer

Yes! We are always keen to see your reel or previous work if you are a freelancer with a talent for modelling or rigging. Manoanim is still a young company and we do put a pride in making as much as possible on our own but sometimes we do pull in freelancer work to keep up. As far as payment goes it is always depending on model complexity.

Our prices ranges a lot so please sent us some links if you have some work you want to sell you think we might have an interest in. Also we do not accept showreels of only film/commercial final render clips, we expect to see wireframes and breakdowns.

To give you an idea of what we are looking for the keywords would be; stylised, different, creature, appealing, clean curves. Your wireframe must be absolute top quality, if you have previous experience with rigging or articulation it is considered a major plus.

*IMPORTANT NOTE to freelancers. As we do not hire full-time employees at this current time we need our freelancers to be registered for freelance hire and be capable of giving us a “faktura” for our records when the job is being carried out. This is done to keep taxes correct.

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