Circle of Life

The model you see above consists of a 6 part action plan. In the beginning, these things were not set in stone but over the years they have manifested as a kind of circle of life for me. It has given me jobs consistently as a freelance and full-time hire for the past 10 years. It went from unintentional to very intentional and so I created the HEXAGON PORTFOLIO strategy.

Rule nr 1. Target Specifically.

Find out which company or position you want and make a reel that suits that house, not just show whatever you have on your hard drive. Companies want to see relevant work. Not the random selection of your art you like, think about what they like!

Rule nr 2. Replace slowly.

If your reel isn't 100% targeted then do not be afraid of either have a short reel or just put the work that best target the organization you want to apply to first. Chances are they see exactly what they need and then they never see the rest of your reel. Secret hint, I had 6 different reels with the same content just ordered differently. which lead to the next rule.

Rule nr 3. Best work first.

Put your best work first. Period. Imagine being a recruiter at Disney or ILM who received jointly 30k+ applications a year. They probably see 10-20 seconds and that's all the time you have to impress. So don't "save the best till the end" because chances are if your first work presented is medium they won't see your cool stuff. Also dont make an unendingly long intro. Or make up your own title. Write the title you are looking for by defining it as they do on their website.

Rule nr 4. Apply often.

If your reel is not specifically targeted at an organization then don't wait with applying till you have replaced your entire reel. That can take you years and you may not have that amount of time. Apply every time you replace a section of your reel. A pro-tip. On Vimeo you can keep replacing the same video without changing the URL so if your reel is on one URL then keep that. Now every time a company looks at your multiple applications they all point to the same URL with the latest reel.

Rule nr 5. Have Intention.

I often see portfolios where I ask the person "Why do you have this in here?" and the answer is "I don't really know" ... if your answer isn't "I have this because I thought it would display my ability to...." you should take it out. Else you are just wasting everyone's time. It's okay to have good intentions and be wrong, but not knowing why you put something in there isn't great. This is absolutely normal which is why; when they disagree with you, you listen to what they say as feedback bow your head and thank them for their time. Amend it. Resend your portfolio. Leading us to the last point.

Rule 6. Overdeliver. 

Originally there were 5 rules but adding an extra rule does not hurt - rule 6 is you should always overdeliver.. and listen! Listen to feedback and learn to deliver on it. Your portfolio is not a one-off its a continum its your responsibility to keep it alive. The best way to keep it relevant is to overdeliver and listen to what people are actually saying. We are born with Two ears and one mouth, we should use them accordingly.




My Own Two Main Portfolios

Before Real Industry experience.
(1 year at MPC advertisement)


After I was at ILM, TTF and MPC.
( I had 5 different cuts of this reel sent to different companies.)

TD Generalist Reel 2018 Kasper Larsson from Manoanim on Vimeo.

Rigging 101



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