If you are having trouble getting your payment to go through then please have a look at the following guidelines. If you after reading this page still can not get your payment to work please do not hesitate to call o mail us. The most important part of our business is keeping you a happy and active animator.


The payment methods we accept

We are currently accepting the following payment forms. Credit cards, master cards, express, if these options are not supporting your possibilities as an alternative we also invite our clients to use paypal or gumroad, we will get back to the two last mentioned further down.

My card is being rejected
First off and most annoyingly we suggest you simply try a couple of times, sometimes bad connection or server problems can cause the payment to get blocked. If you are in possession of a different card you can try to use this before moving to an alternative payment option. Also make sure your charge has the nessecery required capital available when you try to purchase a rig from our shop.

Alternative payment platforms
Some countries are not registered to use our payment gates we therefore offer a couple of alternative payments. These solutions are both just a equally as easy and safe to use as the payment process here on Manoanim.


1. Paypal.
If you have capital saved up on paypal and wish to pay with this platform you can easily set the payment mehod to paypal on the checkout page, this will provide you with a link to their payment page. All you need to do is to login and the payment can continue from there. Paying with this solution is both safe, fast and secure.

2. Gumroad
Gumroad is the rising star in alternative payment processing. You do not need a login to pay and you can do your purchases with practically any card. Here you will find a link to our gumroad products, which should be the same as the ones you find here on Manoanim's own site. If you find a product on Manoanim but not on Gumroad please contact us and we will make sure to upload it to the platform as soon as possible.

3. Direct transfer
We can as a last opportunity service a direct bank transfer. This will only be done upon direct contact with us by phone or mail. Contact us and we can provide you with the information you need to make the transfer. As soon as the transaction has successfully been completed we can sent you your asset. .