Can I shop rigs on all my devices?

You certainly can! In fact there is no difference in shopping experience, payment method or item delivery when you are shopping for creature and character rigs on Manoanim. You still have the same options with credit card handling, the products you see on our computer browser website is the same just encrypted to fit your mobile or tablet for that matter. No matter which shopping platform you chose we will always sent the link to our products through mail which means as long as you have your email at the ready you will be able to own one of our maya products.


Yes you can! 

To sum up; If you are on the go and want to do the browsing and payment this is all possible now, that way your rig is in your email when you come home ready to be downloaded and animated, no time waste. The best part of this system is that everything is doable. Should you want to buy someone a rig for their birthday you can even enter in their email adress instead of your own and they will receive the rig.

With mobile and tablet shopping your creature is ready to be animated the second it lands in your inbox and you hit download. You do not need to do further installing. You need to unpack the character if it has been zipped. We sometimes do this to reduce file size for download purposes. Not all our clients are sitting on fiber net connections so in order to reach as many as possible this is our solution.