Purchase a character creature rig by navigating to the shop. There you will see all the products Manoanim has to offer. Some on sale, some in bundles or new exciting rigs just waiting to be animated by you. Once you click on a desired asset you will be taken to a product page where you will find a detailed description.

On every product you will find a video presenting the character or creature in practical action, movement and poses, demonstrating its potential. You will also find a list of information on the characters possibilities as well as the price. If you decide you like the asset and want to buy it you simply press the ADD TO CART button.



Once you have added an asset to your cart you can of course continue looking around, if you go back in your internet history - do not worry - the product will still exist in your shopping cart. Also if you have placed the wrong order you can move it again, we will get back to that momentarily. Let us for now assume you are satisfied and wish to continue to the payment. Press the shopping bag icon on the top right corner to be introduced to your shopping cart.

The shopping cart will display the items you have chosen. Things you should notice here is that you have the right amount of licenses needed, in this case we only need one. We hit the update button so we are sure everything is calculated correctly specially if we have changed the number of licenses. All looks good so lets hit PROCEED.



Once you are at the checkout page you fill in the fields we have provided you with, It is important for us that your information is as correct as possible so we can do our statistics as accurate as possible. Most important is your e-mail address, this is where we will be sending your assets download links. Next you continue to payment. We are using a 100% secure gateway accepting cards like VISA, Mastercards and more. Should you want to you can tick the paypal option on and continue to their website via the button that appears when you activate it. Once you have filled in all blanks you can hit the pay button.



As the payment goes through you will receive a mail. This mail will provide you with a download link for your creature or character rigs and have a sales statement of your purchased items. It is not the end of the world if you lose this mail as we still hold a record of you as a customer bur we do recommend you try to hold on to it to speed up the process of regenerating lost characters. As for now hit the link to start the download of your new character rigs and save out the mail if you wish to keep it.

* Should the mail not have arrived within 30 minutes after purchase please check your mailbox's "unwanted". If you still cannot find a mail from us, contact us directly via mail at kasper@manoanim.com



You have downloaded your maya character rig and should now load up Maya. Once open hit File - reference editor, locate the add reference button, this will open up a file navigator. Move to the folder where you have saved your rig and press reference. Now you are ready to animate!

* It is important you remember to reference your rig and not just import it. Once in a while we will make updates on our rigs, and sent you new download links. If you have referenced the rig in to your animation file all you need to do is replace your old rig, that way no animation will be lost.


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