FAQ on our Maya Character Rigs

On this page you can find help with the most common questions or problems you might have run into while trying to install, pay or re download one of our maya character rigs. These pages are made so you do not have to write and wait for our client service but hopefully find a solution to the issue bothering you right here. Though this section of Manoanim can seem tedious it can save you a lot of time if you find yourself in trouble so have a look around and see if you are finding yourself closer to solving your puzzle.


Have a look around

Please read through the pages first specially the menu topics and see if you can find a solution to your hurdle, if you write us about an issue already described it is of course alright but we will most likely direct you back to these advices anyways. Should you need further explanation expand your possible questions and make it clear you have already looked through these sites.

We try to make the process of having the rig lying on our drives get moved to your maya scenes as easy as possible so please if you have a problem and cannot find any help in the Frequently Asked Question menu contact us immediately. We stand at the ready for your sake. Remember that we as always appreciate critique on any text you fint on our site. If something is not making sense or could be explained better please let us know. We are also always happy to know if the information you did find helped you get on your way. None of this is mandatory for you of course but it does help us improve your experience with us.

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