Dog Game / Film Rig

Creature Rig

Dog Game / Film Rig From Manoanim 


The character Specifics:
Poly Count 12800 
50 Influence joints/ 6 blendshapes

Runs Real Time In Maya 
Few But Intuitive Controls 
Useful for All Animator Levels

Payment Options

" delaying or waiting for my animation to update!" 

About Manoanim’s Dog Game / Film Rig

There are two files in this rig one for 2017 and one for 2016. The rig is fast and intuitive with few but solid controls. The rig runs real time in maya even after hours of animating and tons of keys. Its one of the best selling rigs on Manoanim and feedback from our customers has made this rig one of the best rigs on the site! Below You can see examples of a few animators work. Its the goal that you have a ton of fun with this character and a great portfolio piece.  

A big Thank you to David Otzen who did the Model.

Check out the Animation done by Cengizer Gokce
[kad_vimeo url=""]