Facial Rigs

Orc Facial rig


The orc facial rig is finally here. It is an intuitive, easy to use rig with tons of beautiful shapes waiting to be animated. This rig can make your application shine extra bright if you are looking to land that exciting animation role it is your chance to make a great solid dialog with something a little more exciting then a regular human character.

Rig Features 

Besides the appealing shapes you can produce with this rig it also contrains:

  • – Fully supported squash and stretch
  • – Open scale on tongue, eyes, teeth
  • – Shoulders and shoulder pad can be animated for more performance

Payment  (**Gumroad is the only working payment type. Manoanim is still in construction, we apologize for the inconvenience)

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The rig in motion by professional animators

Marion Strunck and Christoffer Andersen was test animating the rig as we build it. You can see her result in the vimeo clip below.

Watch the rig performing directly

In this second video you can see the rig being directly manipulated in maya. Please feel free to follow our vimeo channel to keep yourself updated on future character releases!

Still not convinced to buy this rig? Please feel very welcome to drop us a mail and let us know what made this rig unattractive to you. That way we can do better on the next one or try to improve current characters. Thank you.