Hoptimist Supporters

Once again we helped JA-film with their production. This time it was for the Hoptimist supporters. Small but fun project. Specially when you have to rig a head on a spring. In a lot of cases these rigs are very custom build and are specifically made to fit every single character.

Full Project

The project on the right here was a very small production. We chose to show it here because, while its a small job for us we still enjoy supporting other companies pipeline. And we happily help producing the best film possible every time. 

Promotion video for football on and off the field! 


Learn The Workflow

While this tutorial only takes you through the actual production workflow you will have to study cloth simulation afterwards to get something as realistic as The Neanderthal production. Since cloth simulation is like animation - about taste and style we decided only to cover the workflow. 

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2 weeks Rigging Course