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This project was done in collaboration with Nexus London Studios. We were in charge of setting up the character build for the square character. While its 'just' a cube the character still has to gain personality. Since the clients were not sure what the whole story was about yet as we entered the project we tried to cover as much range of possible motions. 

The Introduction To The Project

Here you can see the final project. Google I/O used it for their 2018 Conference. Here they introduced the new abilities given to Siri which indcluded the new voice system and communication platform. This had to be conveyed in the film. As mentioned the character is afterall only a cube. But the importance was bringing some character into the rig so the audience will still resonate with story. 

The final project was used for Googles Conference. 

We are delighted to see how the production pulled this project off. While we in most cases prefer to do full projects like these in our own inhouse studio the collaboration for this project taught us a lot. Our goal is to produce same scale projects as these more often. Commercial work is one of our expertises. 



Learn The Workflow

While this tutorial only takes you through the actual production workflow you will have to study cloth simulation afterwards to get something as realistic as The Neanderthal production. Since cloth simulation is like animation - about taste and style we decided only to cover the workflow. 

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