Felix The Reaper

Felix The Reaper - Dancing Death

JA-Film in Aarhus called us up and asked us to help Kong Orange's game production - Felix The Reaper. We set up the characters in Felix the reaper. The idea of the game is you play death who is also a reaper of souls, he's job is to only step in the shadows and turn the sun light to his advantage. At the same time he has a crush on a crazy sexy death lady - in pure joy Death dances through his tasks.  

The Introduction To The Project

Here you can see a trailer made for the game. Currently the game is still in production but a teaser is available. In Manoanim we do support pipelines for games. We are currently working on an American IP which will also be revealed later this year. This project was a small production we supported. We hope to do full productions like these in the future. 

Check out the project on Here



Learn The Workflow

In this course you will learn how to create an Alien Creature Rig from the ground up. The class starts with introductions to different parts of the rigging pipeline and on to applying techniques to the character provided. In total this class covers 10 days of full time attention to complete. 

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