Ergonomic – Best Position, is next position

Next Position is the Best Position !

In this project we were asked to make a short film explaining the consequence of bad Ergonomics. Our clients biggest challenge is not make their audience feel like they are lifting their finger and forcing them to sit in specific ways. It had to be a small fun video they could send inbetween each other. The tag line for the project was Next position, is the best position aka, that there is no “one” great position, but that its moving around that makes you less likely to develope problems with your body. 

The Introduction To The Project

On all our projects we create an Animatic. This helps our clients to visualise the characters development during the short. It also starts giving us a feeling of timing on camera. This is a fast way to block in the entire project and see what the time line looks like. The workflow here gives a clearance if we are able to convey the message we wish to tell in the time we have available. 

On the left you can see the first pass of our animatic. 

ergonomi_01_animatic from Manoanim on Vimeo.


ergonomi_02_previs from Manoanim on Vimeo.

3D Pre-viewing the project (Previs)

Once the animatic is in place we converte all designs to 3D. In this process we start setting up skeletons for our characters enabling our animators to start making poses in the 3D Autodesk Maya software. A major benefit to this is the feel of camera moving. With the animatic we can only guestimate how long an animation will take but when we block in the actual characters in Maya.

Applying our own composed music. We have a much better chance of fitting the music to our edit at this stage. Where as before in the animatic we only try to find the mood, we now have a muscisian helping us out with composing an actual piece of music. 


Finished Product

The final project is then presented to the client. We often time have a small screening or presentation. In this case the project took roughly around 2 months to produce. The price of the project can variate compared the clients needs. It was important to us that our clients are felt our presence throughout the whole project. We take them from A to B. 

The project is now live and can be found on their internal server. They decided for them selves what they wish to use the project for. We also help with Social Media presence should they client need it. 

Ergonomi from Manoanim on Vimeo.


Once the project was done the clients wanted help with their online presence. They needed pictures of the character doing exercise. The images that was done for the webite was scaled up and printed out in A3s and hung up all over their workplace. This motivates the employees and creates a warm work environment where it is accepted to once in a while stand up and do some stretches - where as in other environments it will be look upon as strange. 

Learn The Workflow

While this tutorial only takes you through the actual production workflow you will have to study cloth simulation afterwards to get something as realistic as The Neanderthal production. Since cloth simulation is like animation - about taste and style we decided only to cover the workflow. 

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