Client Work

This is a list of clients Manoanim APS is either currently or previously collaborating with. Anything from full 3D Muscle Rigs and models for major production houses, game character work, flyers for smaller companies to poster designs or educational institutions. The strength of the company is its broadness and enthusiasm for any task taken. Do get in contact if you have requests or questions. 


Ergonomics - Next Position Is Best Position

Ergonomics - 5 min read - Full Production

In this project we were in charge of everything. The client had a challenge that we helped solve. This is where we are best at work. 

One of the biggest challenges a corporation can have is employees being absent due to physical damages. It is a huge expense which can be removed by simply doing a few exercises everyday. So when Viborg Commune came to us we decided to produce the entire production in house. 



Neanderthals – Meet Your Ancestors

BBC's most recent - 3 min read - Sim, Pipe, Rig, Mocap

In BBC's most recent documentary release we follow Ella Al-Shamahi observing the upbringing of Ned The Neanderthal

While most people know that Motion Capture can take animation a big step forward, especially in the blocking phase - we still need animation to take the actual motion capture data and clean it up. Also giving the sequence a cloth simulation touch up did wonders. 



Google I/O

Make Good Things Together - 2 min read 

This project was done in collaboration with Nexus London Studios. We were in charge of setting up the character build for the square character. While its 'just' a cube the character still has to gain personality. Since the clients were not sure what the whole story was about yet as we entered the project we tried to cover as much range of possible motions. 



art-work_2 (2).jpg

Felix - The Reaper

Play Death While Dancing - 2 min read - Game 

Felix the reaper is a game, where you are playing death. You must tread careful as death cannot step into the sun. 

The game is super fun and challenging, it was a project where we approached game rigging from a different angle then before. The characters had to be super low poly and the rigs very simple to work for as many platforms as possible. Only the shadows can guide you through, but finding the right compination can be both trick and frustrating. 


NVizible Client Logo From Previsualiasation



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