Centaur Rig

Creature Rig

Centaur Rig From Manoanim -  www.manoanim.com.


The character Specifics:
Quadruped and Biped Torso
Real-time fast rig
Intuitive squash and stretch



Payment Options

"...finally something different to pose!" 

About Manoanim’s Centaur RIg

This rig is for anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge and put their skills to the test. Its a fast intuitive rig but demands discipline on the animators side. There are a lot of control to be worked with in this rig but while the character is very flexible its made to be posed fast and easy. The rig has gone through a few iterations and is an ongoing project for me which is also why its free so far. Maybe one day I will give it the final push to publish it for some cash so make sure you get it while its free! 


The model and the rig has all been done by myself while I was still working in the industry before I went freelance. 

[kad_vimeo url="https://vimeo.com/165031217"]

[kad_vimeo url="https://vimeo.com/166196857"]