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What do you learn? 


Learn to rig a cartoony car and from then on understand how to approach any kind of vehicle rigging. We go through the basics of joint layout and structure to advanced deformation techniques and approaches.

As always there is almost never a one way to victory with rigging. It is a give and takes between the TDs and Animators. In this course, we do the initial steps to make a cartoony rig that is both fun to animate but also fun to make. The end result is a fun race car in the 1930's style.


25% off Kickoff Discount, 1st week of Feb only!

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Who is it for? 


It is a beginner to the intermediate course so everyone can follow along, you will take baby steps and at the end leap forward in understanding advanced concepts such as deformation stacks, mixed methods, mechanics vs deformation.

This course gathers all the information you can find online over the next two years into one concentrated class. Stop wasting your time being confused about small simple things and get the ground pillars under control.

25% off Kickoff Discount, 1st week of Feb only!

Add Discount code:  february2020


It is the approach


People often ask me "How in the world do you remember how to do all these steps??!" The truth is, I don't. With this approach, you become a living calculator. Like math you do not remember what everything multiplied with anything is equal to, it is your approach to knowing the right algorithm that makes you able to get the right result every time. That is what you learn in this course.

Overall I believe everyone can learn rigging but you need to keep trying and redoing until you understand it in your way. I have been teaching for 7+ years now and I always sit down next to the students and talk to them to understand their thougth process. Try and do this yourself. How arey ou actually understanding? By logic, by explaining things from a different angle, by drawing it out? This class teaches you how to approach and you can see how I deal with problems when I get stuck.


Kasper Larsson
Producer at Sun Creature Copenhagen. 

I will be able to put myself in your place and understand your struggles because I have seen it before. There is not a problem we cannot. After living in London and Singapore I moved back to Denmark where I became a producer at Sun Creature Studio. I think there is something to being a producer that I am naturally drawn to. 

As an artist I wrapped up some of the titles below 
  • Star Wars - Episode 8
  • Avengers 2 - Age Of Ultron
  • Warcraft - The Beginning
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy
  • Amazing Spider Man 2

On top I have worked in Virtual Reality, Commercials and on-set as a pre-visualisation asset builder, in both Pinewood and Leavesden Studios.


Course Outline

This 10 day course consists of 10 hour lecture spread across a 10 day workshop. All Video Content you can download.

  • Lecture Topic 1. Basic Joint Layout
  • Lecture Topic 2. Simple Vehicle Mechanics
  • Lecture Topic 3. Skinning
  • Lecture Topic 4. Keep Your Scene Clean
  • Lecture Topic 5. Deformation Stacks
  • Lecture Topic 6. Understand why over how.
  • Lectuer Topic 7. Break Deformation
  • Lecture Topic 8. Deform Wheels differently

Pricing & Enrolment Options

You watch the course on your own pace and while you are welcome to write to me, I do not promise direct help. The lectures are there and have been used to teach students at both The Animation Workshop in denmark and at Manoanim.  That being said if you write I do strive to try and answer as many of you as possible.

You can download the course on a week by week basic once payment has been processed but its up to you. You are also very welcome to download the whole thing.

25% off Kickoff Discount, 1st week of Feb only!

Add Discount code:  february2020

Requirements To Enter

Skills Required

This course demands no prior skills to rigging, mathematics or deeper education. Understanding the creative process you are in, is essential to make a good rig. Overall I will be taking you through a production ready rig made from my own industry experience. The main tool being used here is  Autodesk Maya

I only gave the Producer Essentials course 4 stars. The sound could be recorded better but the content is absolutely spot on and delivered without a filter which is so rare to find these days.

“Only” Four Stars, But.. Fred, Daily Manager, Copenhagen

Literally, NO ONE has been giving this kind of knowledge away before. 

No Resources Like This One Trevor, Director of Animation

Take this course, its seriously a complete resource of new knowledge

Completely changed the way I was thinking Jonas, COO,

Thanks man, this was was exactly what I needed

Thank You Kasper Damian, Canada, Production Manager

I build my career based on these courses. I found it weird to learn from so many different angles but they all kind of line up.

I buid my career on this. Frederik, Denmark, Production

I cannot believe I waited this long before understanding financials. It’s crazy ignorant to think I could have figured this out on my own. 

An Absolute No-brainer Pete, Freelance Artist

The most relevant course I have bought as a freelancer for years. 

Do yourself a favor and buy this course. Jamie, Production Manager

I did all the Cloth, python and biped courses I cannot wait to continue, this was really great! Thank you so much, Kaspar!

Looking forward to more! Student

I’m on board! This was the best resource on rigging. The site could use an update but the lectures are absolutely amazing!

Fantastic Resource Rigging Student

Very cool! This will be helpful for anyone who has no coding. I’m an animator by trade but learning the art of rigging great resource!

Very Helpful Animator