About The Course

First Christoffer Introduce the coruse and shows you the overall outline of the proejct you are about to embark on. He talks about the tools he uses but you are expected to know some animation before entering these lectures. Its not a maya introduction. That being said everything is targeted at any animator interested in improving.

Blocking Moving on to the blocking part of his animation Christoffer talks about the strenght of a strong pose and a bad pose, being a good animator is also making the character work for the camera. Finding the right silhouette is where most animators struggle. He talks about timing and anticipation.

Spline phase is where the animation curves are getting smoothed out so we can start to see the floating motion in our animation. This technique is used across many studios from big to small.

Once the animation curves are smoothed out Christoffer enters his polishing stage. This is where a shot takes it final 20%, polishing is an essential part of making a good animation, it can be tedious and long and you can hunt down small mistakes in your animation to your hearts desire but without the other stepps a polish will never be worth anything.

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Requirements To Enter

Skills Required

  • No prior professional experience is required, but a basic knowledge of maya is needed. . 
  • We estimate roughly 1 year of school experience. 

Software Required 

(An absolute beginner can take this course to hit the ground running) 


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What Will Be Provided

The course uses a the character from Manoanim APS from the Face and Biped Body rigging course. The character is included in the price so do not go buy it seperately. You get the class and a full functioning rig to follow along with. 

What If I Want To Use My Own Character? 


As in all courses you are most welcome to use your own character, but perhaps try and reference in both rigs and see if they are very far off in difference. 


Christoffer Andersen, Senior Animator

Born and raised in Denmark, but currently enjoying life the south of France. Christoffer has always had a strong interest in all Computer Graphic related aspects, but early on decided to persue character animation as a job, after he graduated from The Animation Workshop in Denmark with a BA in Character animation in january 2013. The goal is to create appealing, high quality animation be it for animated features, VFX, tv or games.

Commercials, Feature Films and TV shows. 

Check Christoffers Vimeo Here!


Pricing & Enrolment Options

The Dialog Animation Course comes at a cheap price. Most classes and courses online comes much more expensive then this. Christoffer is a true master in his field and because he has a background rigging his own characters his understanding of how to stretch a rig to its full potential is hard to compare for any animator. Have your notebook at ready and your pencil sharpened. 

Christoffer is a Bachelor Graduate from The Animation Workshop in Denmark.

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