Alien Biped Creature Rig

Alien Biped Creature Rig


Centaur Rig From Manoanim -


The character Specifics:

Bendy limbs
Stretchy spine
Stretchy leg
Basic Face Rigging - eyes - lips and nose. 


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What Can The Alien Crature Do?

Super simple clean rig. Robust and working for almost any animation. Its simple and easy to pick up. There is not too much clutter anywhere and it will uphold good shapes for all poses. Its all about a nice character that will just show and display what the students from the 20 Essentials series have been doing. If you are interested in learning how to rig then get to the premium courses and have a look. Its an easy introduction to Maya Rigging - meant to make anyone understand that rigging is not hard to do its easy when you know what is going on under the hood. We focus on why things are working in certain ways way more then just connecting two attributes leaving you with a better understanding. 


The model was made and designed by Matilde Vinther and rigged by Kasper Larsson

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