In 2014 I had been at MPC for about a year and a half and was offered a job in Singapore at Lucas Film's Industrial Light & Magic division as a Creature Developer. I adapt fast to new situations, I have seen several structures of pipelines at across counties and companies, I consider the world a free playground and I love picking up work anywhere it takes me on the planet. I have gained friends and colleagues who in tangent have created me a big network. 

Before making my computer graphics career I actually started in fine art. Later I became Rigging Technical Director at MPC Film and Advertisement, Creature Developer at Lucas Film's Industrial Light & Magic and Generalist ranging from Animation Tool writing, to auto riggers and other python scripts, to modelling, texturing at The Third Floor. I still believe the biggest skill you can have as a person working in any part of the film pipeline is an artistic license. I have had a passion for both computers and art and I found a way to combine the best of both worlds in Rigging. Learning about appeal and design from top teachers at The Animation Workshop in Denmark where I got my bachelor diploma as a Computer Graphic Artist taught me not only to look for making the most crazy scripts but always prioritise shapes and forms over technicalities - If the base structure is weak the whole piece will crumble. I think the trick in being a good rigger is to listen to all critique from as many animators you trust as possible and register the repeated topics so you can solve them first. Communication is key as a rigger and I enjoy very much the aspect of it.





Sydney Padua



I dont think there is much need for an introduction of Sydney, if you have not already met her chances are so big that you have already seen her work back to the days of John Carter of Mars where she was animation senior already. Sydney is a teacher at The Animation Workshop from time to time and to several courses in Animation and specially quadruped animation which has been absolutely vital to the outcome of the quality I try to put into the rigs here at manoanim. Recently Sydney published her book "The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage" a comedy adventure cartoon which you can find on Amazon. 

Sydney's Showreel




Marion Strunck demonstrates the meaning of hard work on daily basis. The world has yet to see a design or long study that Marion does not find the joy in creating. She is more than anyone a passionated artist and talented animator. Marion is highly motivating to be around because of her ability to see the positive in even the toughest assignments. She was animation lead, story-boarder, Story artist and character designer for the short film Parrot Away. Going directly from university to Framestore's animation team is trusted to be one of the hardest tasks for a student with todays industry but non the less a part of her CV.

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Looking a few years back you would be running into Mette filling her role as Senior Animator at Sony Picture Entertainment for the feature animation film Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs done in Vancouver. Today you will have to go to Mac Guff in France where she is being kept busy at the successful studio behind the movies Despicable 1-2 and recently The Minions. She is actively committed to never stop her creativity. when Mette is not in front of the screen animating away she is sitting with her giant fiddle disguised as a Cello making the hands do the talking or making awesome hand/rod puppets.

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Christoffer is not only an animator he is also a short film director with experience as a generalist in the whole animation film process. At this moment Christoffer is located at the studio Team To who are known for their crazy extreme squash and stretchy animations. Christoffer has his hands in everything and has won competitions like the 11-Second Club's monthly animation challenges and a range of awards for his short film Porcelain where he covered roles such as Director, Animation, Writer.

Christoffer's Showreel