Everything on this page is still at a maybe point. In one year from now I am thinking about hosting a 8-12 week course and if I can make it happen before I will. First of all I need to see how many people would be interested in joining an actual school here in London. The idea is that you can do as many online courses as you want but meeting people face to face and working with me as a personal instructor I will be able to teach you much more than just rigging and modelling. Skills are only half the battle when it comes to entering the industry the other half is making connections and meeting people.

The idea of this course is to engage the students in skills of presenting their work and finishing off a proper portfolio piece. I made many easy mistakes when I started to join the film industry and the reason I am a better instructor for this then most others out there is that I do not only preach I have practiced what I will be giving to the students of this course as well. 

8-12 Weeks to improve drastically

So To start out basic. The course will be divided into daily schedules. The classes will take place 2 hours in the morning, 2 in the evening. Each day the student will be expected to work between 3-5 hours and preferably more depending on the size of their project, I do not believe anyone get to work for the big dogs by sleeping, this course is about working smarter and harder, but learning how to structure our energy the best to reach our goals fast and efficient.   


What you will learn and who is this for

In This course I am planning on teaching how you set up a proper rigging environment. I expect you have opened a 3d software package before. You will have to apply for the course with a small showreel so I can see you will get something out of the course. It is good for both you and me to know if you are going to waste your time in this course as it will be a shame to spend money one something you wont learn from or if you are already ahead of the curve and I can simply help you on your way with some portfolio feedback. We will be working with python and Autodesks Maya 2016. Depending on the course interest we might also work with Zbrush and some re-topo software as we will be modelling our own character. The course is divided into 3 parts. Where first part will be modelling, learning appeal and wireframes. The second part will be starting with simple rigging and scripting and the last part will be learning how to introduce a rig to an animator and getting feedback corrected in our rigs and delivering a functional rig that we can present in our showreel.

Price and expenses

Currently I am in contact with the software providers, once I have an idea of what the prices will be I will hit an update button on the email system, so be sure you sign up for the newsletter. As per standard I will rent an office in central London somewhere and provide both computers and programs. The price will roughly be between 4500-6000 £. Pr student. This price is around half of what the surrounding London courses cost you. The reason I can do it at this price is that I am the only instructor and you be feeding money into a major organisation. 


Free quadruped class

In this video I am introducing the quadruped class. Its the basic introduction to quadruped rigging. While this course will certainly teach you how to do basic rigging I can never tell you in person how you can improve selling yourself in an interview or tell you how to change a personality trade that will make people want to hire you.

Personally I have worked in a couple of great places on mega feature films and would love to pass the knowledge I have gained on to you. People often misjudge me but I have been at both ILM, MPC and other great companies and I want you to know the basics to build a hardcore foundation you can stand on when you enter these companies yourself.