Make sure you check the version of your maya is correct. Most Manoanim character rigs will run on maya 2012, but as all our rigs are being created in maya 2015 and onwards that is the only version and above we can guarantee to be working. Should you already be in maya 2015 or above we suggest the following steps. Try to re download the rig from the link you were given in the mail you received upon buying the character. Is this still not doing the trick then please contact us so we can have a look at it for you. Note that if the rig file has in anyway been manipulated or changed we will not be able to help you.



In order to successfully use our rig you need to unpack it from its .zip file we provide you with upon buying one or more of our assets. It can be devastating to wait hours for your downloads to finish? To solve this issue we do our best to keep the file sizes at their lowest to decrease download time. So to sum up, you need to unpack your downloaded file before you can start referencing the character into your maya scene.



If you are trying to load the character into an older maya you will in some cases experience the program throwing you an error saying your version is either outdated or a wrong file. This can in most situations be surpassed if you in your file-import options change the setting to Ignore Version. Keep in mind this will only work if you are trying to import and not reference the character. As an animator you might be wondering why you would ever need to import a character rig and fear not you wont have to. This section was for the character TD's who sometimes wants to open up our rigs and have a look around on how the creature is working behind the controls.