In case of a bug problem If you have found an error or a bug in one of our rigs we highly recommend you sent us a mail, although we try to eliminate as many bugs as possible they can happen. Our experience is that many animators will try to work their way around small problems but we do encourage you to report it anyways so we can make the rig better for you and everyone else.

Our rigs are cheap but you deserve the best Sent us a copy of your .mb file along with a screenshot of the error you have found. Tell us what triggered it and if you found an easy way around it. It is good for us to know the different workarounds you have found so we can pass that knowledge on until we find a solution for the problem. With screen grabs we can see what has triggered the bug and get on solving it as fast as possible. We take bug reports very serious and immediately list them as top priorities when they occur.

Before you sent your maya scene. It is absolute key you remove any constraints, parented objects and other self costumed tweaks you may have in your scene before sending us your maya animation scene as these are usually the cause of major crashes on their own. And if you absolutely must sent them along notify us so we spent as little time as possible on hunting down changes we already should be aware of. The faster we are at deleting the problems the sooner you are back on animation tracks.

I reported a bug but did not hear anything back If you have reported an error and not heard anything back it is because we are busy opening your file and diving right in to the heart of the problem. All our bug reports get responded to with big gratitude. It is key for us as a company you feel you can come to us with any problems related to Manoanim we have an open mind and do our best to make our clients think of us as a relaxed and steady firm. To conclude. If you have not heard anything back please contact us by either phone or through social media. We are always keen to hear what you have on your mind about our characters.







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