Asset Building

Maya / Zbrush Modelling

22 Maya xGen Lectures  - 5 hours total

This course is meant for the artist who wants to learn about grooming in maya for Animation. I want to stress that the class approaches the grooming process with the aim of using it for production more than just a still picture. If you are to use grooming in your work flow it is important to understand how it functions in colloaboration with a rig. This is the essence in most things that are being done on the website - Animation.

Maya / Zbrush Modelling

22 maya lectures / 22 zbrush lectures - 9 hours total

Modelling for animation specifically is something not a lot of classes do. It is always "make this cool monster" and no one thinks about how to make the pipeline better and optimised with a good wireframe. How can you make a good wireframe if you have never done a rig, how can you make a good rig if you have never done an animation? Learn the basics of Modelling in this introduction course to zbrush and maya.



A full lenght creature rigging course for game engines. In this course we build a creature rig for Unreal engine, covering everything from how to approach the rig structure differently then we normally do for an animation pipeline rig. We also talk about how to make a simple rig for animators to get started with and upgrade later. We end up making an idle animation which we transfer and open in Unreal.


2 weeks Training, 11 hours total! *6 hours 12 minutes of FACE RIGGING /  5 hours 33 minutes of BODY RIGGING

This course was designed for a bachelor class at The Animation Workshop. It is a biped rigging course and a facial rigging course. Full time teaching for 2 weeks with each week focusing on each part. The last week was purely made for face rigging. The students had to follow along and apply the material taught. Now you can have a look at the tutorial too. The model was provided by Matilde Vinther. 


Biped Rigging

2016 Maya Rigging video (no Face rigging included)

This tutorial is getting fairly old by now. While the techniques are still relevant it is a more complex class then some of the other courses we provide. Almost 20 hours of Rigging Course. Everything from Essentials to Advanced. Forget the usual recipe nonsense you normally get. Replace:  "Put this from here to here"  - With: "We do this because". Learn the craft by understanding what you are doing.


80 Essential Rigging Videos - Simple Body / Face

Learn All 80 Essentials to Rigging. If you feel there is no need to take the courses one by one. Then save 25$ and get them all at once Today. The course is rock solid and you can read more about them all in the individual course outlines. Just hit the read more on each of them to see what the lectures are about and then return to the bundle page if you decide you want them all at once. So many people have been kind to buy and feedback on the course and it has taken a very good position as a rock solid education in rigging. I hope to see you inside the course! 

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