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Although we have one or two medium intermediate tutorials in here are main priority is teaching from a buttom up perspective. Everyone can follow along. That being said do not scare away if you see a topic that seems technical we strive to get everyone up the mountain.

Professional Instructors

We are making tutorials from industry proven professionals. Their background is not only in teaching but from companies around the world. This ensures you are learning relevant and up to date techniques.

Learning At Your Tempo

Learn at your own pace. With confident instructures who can explain why we do things the way we do in CG and not just recipe teaching. This is about you understanding the process so you can not only follow our guidelines but also go out and apply it to your own work

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I did all the Cloth, python and biped courses I cannot wait to continue, this was really great! Thank you so much, Kaspar!

Looking forward to more! Student

I’m on board! This was the best resource on rigging. The site could use an update but the lectures are absolutely amazing!

Fantastic Resource Rigging Student

Very cool! This will be helpful for anyone who has no coding. I’m an animator by trade but learning the art of rigging great resource!

Very Helpful Animator